King Street shows the way on pedestrianisation

One of Bristol’s most historic streets has been pedestrianised after a campaign by local businesses. Tom Swithinbank of Bristol Cycling Campaign finds out how the businesses of King Street helped to make it happen. It’s the home of the Old Vic and some of Bristol’s best-loved pubs, bars and restaurants. Now, after years of campaigning, cars no longer rumble over the cobbles of historic King Street in Bristol’s old town. It has taken six years of lobbying and considerable effort by local busin...

CyclingWorks Bristol campaign launches

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A City for People

The centre of Bristol is changing with pedestrianisation schemes being implemented in the Old City, on Bristol Bridge, and on King Street among others. Bikes, certain deliveries, and on Bristol Bridge, buses and taxis, are allowed through but not,...


Cycling has seen an explosion in popularity during the lockdown period as empty roads, cleaner air, and more spare time for some have opened up new possibilities. However, for some people, cycling remains closed off by barriers such as cost and ac...

How a healthy streets approach will help Bristol bounce back – our July 2020 webinar [updated]

How has Bristol responded to the Covid19 crisis and how could the Healthy Streets approach aid our development of streets for people? After the success of our first webinar event (The Future of Cycling in Bristol – Webinar May 2020), we are deligh...

What Covid Cycling Provision do you want?

The Government has made funding available to Bristol City Council to install cycling infrastructure during the current pandemic. As we emerge from lockdown in a socially distanced manner public transport is hazardous (tragically fatal for some) an...

Why do a few cars get half the space on Prince St Bridge?

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  • King Street shows the way on pedestrianisation
  • CyclingWorks Bristol campaign launches
  • A City for People
  • Our new Instagram campaign: #BristoliansOnBikes
  • How a healthy streets approach will help Bristol bounce back – our July 2020 webinar [updated]


  • The staggering cost of motoring +

    Last month many of you will have received Bristol Councils "Council tax explained" leaflet, explaining where our council tax pounds are spent. The centre page of this is an infographic summarising costs per household. Transport services set us back £83.52 and highways £29.26. Reading into the images used, this might be interpreted as tax payers forking out 3 times more for cycling and public transport than highways infrastructure (which cyclists also use). However regardless of Read More
  • Why do a few cars get half the space on Prince St Bridge? +

    In 2017 Prince Street Bridge was reopened after major repairs. This was shortly followed by a separated cycle path on Prince Street connecting Broad Quay and Cumberland Road. We have looked at the usage figures from the most recent count by Bristol City Council, which took place in July 2019. Our handy infographic shows the huge change that is possible with quality infrastructure. Numbers of people walking and cycling have doubled, while car use has Read More
  • 6 reasons to make cycling to work your New Year's resolution +

    Cycling rates are increasing year on year in Bristol. However, the motor car is still the dominant transport mode for commuting in the UK. So why not make your New Year's resolution to leave the car at home and get on your bike to and from the office. Here are 6 good reasons why it makes sense: Weight loss. Potentially the most common resolution, but how many people actually stick out the tedium of the Read More
  • A Modest Proposal #5: The Bear Pit / St James Barton Roundabout +

    St James Barton roundabout remains among the worst in Bristol for cyclists. This is despite the sterling work of The Bearpit Improvement Group and the recently completed £1million scheme to provde a route around the inner edge of the roundabout at street level for pedestrians and cyclists. We hope this already outdated scheme will be the last time huge budgets will be spent forcing cycles to share busy spaces with pedestrians (see BCyC Policy on Read More
  • A Modest Proposal #6; Eight to Eighty cycling on Gloucester Road +

    Did you know that Gloucester Road was one of Bristol’s busiest cycle routes (Building on success – lessons from Gloucester Road)? What’s more, the number of people cycling has doubled in the last ten years whereas motor vehicle numbers have dropped by a fifth. These facts can be seen from Department for Transport Traffic Counts. So what does this tell us? Bristol’s Cycling City money has been well spent? Not quite. Significant Cycling City money was Read More
  • Cycling vs the Electric Car +

    Electric vehicles have received a lot of press over the past few months. This furore has even led some to suggest that EVs are more efficient than food powered humans riding bicycles. So we at Bristol Cycling have put together an unapologetically technical article in an attempt to shed some light on this. Why does energy matter? For starters, energy, whether it is petrol, electricity or food costs money. We are also burning our way Read More
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